Consensys: Liquality Product Design
Creating a human-friendly cryptocurrency experience for Liquality
This is the final piece in a series of projects I delivered for one of ConsenSys' portfolio ventures. Liquality is currency exchange platform that bridges the divide between the two largest cryptocurrency blockchains—Bitcoin and Ethereum—by enabling trustless exchange of assets between the two systems. Like many cryptocurrency apps, the current beta version of the service is a challenging user experience with odd visual elements, cryptic copywriting, and opaque processes. So I delivered a design to make the product experience more engaging and less frustrating.
Experience Design
Launch Support
Partnership UI Design
UX Artifacts

Experience Design: From Rough Beta To Consumable Product

It took months of research, analysis, design iterations, and copywriting to get to a final deliverable, and a comparison of the current beta product to my proposed design is an easy way to see the improvements.

The screenshots below of the beta version show some of the less than ideal visual elements, obtuse copywriting, and interactions that made the app a frustrating experience for users.

My design goals were to (1) create a user experience—visual language, animations, interactions, and copywriting—that is more enjoyable and trustworthy for any level of crypto investor; (2) incorporate a few new features the team wanted to explore before implementing; and (3) create a design system that was much more responsive and adaptable. And, of course, address some UX feedback from users and the Liquality team.
The current Product which has less than ideal visual Elements,  Typography, and copywriting.
My design proposal, which was designed to help users feel confident and comfortable when using the service to exchange their hard-earned crypto

Product Launch: Strategy, Copywriting, And Website Design

I also put together a website redesign to support the beta launch earlier in the year before I completed the product design work. I worked with Liquality's marketing lead to strategize (mostly about how to present product value and benefits) and write copy for the website. I used Adobe XD and Webflow for design and development.

The landing page features a particle morp animation that I created with Blender. And I also used Blender to put together a few very simple pieces of 3D art.
Screenshots Of The Redesigned Website

UI Design For A Partnership Pitch

The artifacts below are UI designs I quickly put together for Liquality's pitch to a potential enterprise client. A good portion of the patterns I created for this design were carried over to the work I did for Liquality's main product.

UX Artifacts

And, of course, I did a lot of UX work. Here are a few artifacts from various pieces of UX design documentation.