I Create Interactive Products And Experiences

From Idea -> Through Art And Design -> To Code.

More specifically, I lead the design process for mobile apps, websites, digital installations, and other interactive experiences. And usually with an emphasis on mobile and emerging tech. Since 2012, I’ve worked on:

Augmented Reality Apps

Mobile Games

IoT Apps

Mobile Video

Brand Campaigns


Enterprise Software

As for how I do it, I deploy my own special blend of “unicorn” design skills and a specific creative process to develop the strategy, art, and front-end code that turns an idea into a working product…

As designer with an MBA, data is my friend and analysis is a powerful tool in my product design process. I conduct and evaluate research, refine business objectives, and explore technology opportunities to help keep projects on a path towards good outcomes.
Art and design is the core of my work and where most of my time is spent on projects. I deliver:
  • Concept design (rapid prototypes and mock-ups) to explore creative and product ideas.
  • Comprehensive UX design to solidify the purpose, functions, and components of a product, game, or experience design.
  • UI and visual design to create the visual language for an experience.
  • And motion design (video and interactive prototypes) to establish the feeling of an interactive experience.
Code is the third major element of my process, and I focus on front-end development for mobile apps and games. I mainly use code to create prototypes for testing ideas, but sometimes with the intention of using it as a starting point for developing a release. And also for developing visual effects. My current obsessions are Unity 3D, C#, and iOS development.

Agencies I've Worked With

Green Stone | 72 & Sunny | The Martin Agency | Deutsch LA | Twofifteenmccann | Tool Of North America | Ignition Creative | iconmobile

Brands I've Worked With

Ford | GEICO | Target | Xbox | Verizon | AT&T | Paramount Pictures | NBC Syfy | Mattel | Fox Broadcasting | Volkswagen | Disney | Logitech | Procter & Gamble